What Our Clients Say About Home Alone

Thank you for so much for taking care of our dogs as if they were your own. It gives Mark and I a lot of peace of mind just knowing that they are much loved even when we are not around.

Dana and Mark Strong


Thank you so much for taking such good care of our zoo! Boris was obviously expecting you to arrive and was quite surprised, but polite, when he got us instead. Craig was lemon-lipped and has probably not forgiven us for leaving in the first place.

Its lovely to be back amongst them again - even Tomasina. And thank you for looking after the garden much better than I do - I had expected my baby bay leaves to vaporise over those last few hot days. But they lived and throve!

We'll definitely be contacting you again next time we can afford to go on holiday Thanks again and best wishes

Andrew and Alison Wallace And Pet Wallace's- Martin, Tomasina, Boris, Craig, Jarvis and the Spice Birds, and Jackie.

My favorite humans (apart from my own) are the ones at Home Alone!

When my mistress is out earning the money to keep me in the manner to which I'm accustomed, I rely on the Home Aloners. They take me for terrific walks with other fun-loving dogs and tend to my every need.

Oprah Phillips (border collie cross, aged seven)


When I was five months old, my mum's workload meant that she couldn't spend as much time with me as she wanted so she rang Liz at Home Alone. Liz called over, quizzed my mum and sussed me out as a suitable candidate to join one of the Home Alone pooch patrols. We passed the test and I started going out for fun times when my mum was away to work. I had such a fantastic time (in fact, I used to wander up to the front door at a regular time each day to check if Home Alone was calling for me) that we decided to book me in as a regular, so now I go out with them three days a week, every week.
That schedule is adjusted as the need arises so I'm a happy dog and mum is happy knowing that when she's at work I'm being well cared for. I've made lots of new friends, some with four legs and some with two and we have wonderful times together.

The people at Home Alone are very loving and have a keen sense of fun. They even take my crazy brother, Hoover, out when he visits from the country.

Dougall Dalgleish



I have been going out with the girls from Home Alone for over two years now. I love going to the park to run and play and catch up on the gossip with my friends. If it's hot we sometimes go swimming. I am totally exhausted when I get home and it's more fun spending time with my friends than being by myself all day.

My owner takes me out every day but felt I needed the company of other dogs. I'm much calmer around strange dogs (and humans) since I started my regular outings.

The girls at Home Alone take good care of me and I get so excited when I hear them coming down the side passage of the house.

The Home Alone girls are just GREAT!

Ozzy J Fry Kelpie cross



After three sets of blinds were chewed through (56 dog years ago) Rusty and I were blessed to meet Liz and Home Alone. We had moved to a new house with a pocket-size yard and Rusty had to be left alone all day. He was anxious, lonely and bored. Home Alone opened up new horizons for Rusty. He stopped being destructive and now looks forward to the arrival of the Home Alone van. He loves this carers, the joy of meeting new canine friends, a swim on a hot day, new smells and vistas.

Home Alone carers are special people attuned to Rusty's needs and changing capabilities. We have used all of their services PLUS the unexpected ones - like mail brought in on a wet day, cleaning up Rusty's mistakes and a note to tell me about his walk.

These days Rusty's outings are tempered to suit an old dog who can only hold three thoughts: What's in that bin? When is Home Alone arriving? Have I looked in that bin?

On Home Alone days there is life in the old dog yet - that's why we all love Home Alone.

Ann Dinsdale, Stanmore.



?When my dear dog Jake was diagnosed with a terminal illness I was determined that he would enjoy his remaining lifetime as much as possible and Home Alone entered our lives. The Home Alone team walked Jake everyday while I was at work, looked after him when I had to travel and introduced him to a whole new family of friends with four legs and two. Home Alone cared for Jake like he was their own. He loved them dearly and both my vet and myself were convinced that his full and active lifestyle helped to extend his life. I had him for an extra three years that were packed with doggy adventures - he was a truly happy boy!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Home Alone's professionalism and their unique understanding of animals to anyone who loves their pets and is looking for a caring and professional service when they can't be there themselves.?

And a little ode from Jake:

I love to run, I love to bark To swim or chase a stick in the park To pee on a post or chew on a bone But most I love my friends from Home Alone

Jake 1993 - 2000

Julie Jones 23/01/01



Thank you yet again for taking care of our Annie and home while we were away.

Annie is always so relaxed and content when she has been in your care for a week and the reassurance that our home security is checked on a daily basis makes it easier for us all to unwind and enjoy our holiday! We always look forward to reading your note on our return and appreciate the thought you put into in.

Wishing you all the best till we contact you again.

The Croft family