Q: How many dogs does Home Alone take out on each walk?
A: We walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time. This allows the dog walker to supervise the group and give each dog individual attention.


Q: Do you take the dogs walking if it's raining?
A: Yes, they love it! If required we will dry off at the end of the walk..


Q: What do I leave out?
A: Leave a leash for your dog and a dog towel if it's raining, along with your money (cash or cheque)... Remember - always leave out a clean bowl of water, especially if it's hot.


Q: What if there is an emergency while I'm away?
A: We take details of where we can contact you or who we should contact in case of any emergency. We will also take the details of your pet's vet in case a vet's services are needed.