(all fees quoted include GST)

  • Casual*  One dog $24 per walk, extra dog $10 - so two dogs per walk from the same household is $34.
  • 5 days/week - regulars**  One dog $20 per walk, extra dog $10.  If dog/s walked twice daily, normal walk rates apply.
  • Cancellation fee: full walk fee may be payable if less than 24 hours notice given.


Pet Sitting

  • Minimum charge: $20 per visit if no walk involved.
  • One cat or dog (feed only) $20, extra pet $10.  (we normally charge up to a maximum of 3)
  • One dog (walk and feed) $32, extra dog $10.
  • Second visit on same day $20 if no walk involved. If extra walk on same day, normal walk fee applies
  • Birds, fish etc. minimum charge $20 (free if included with cat/dog visit).
  • 50% surcharge public holidays.
  • Cancellation fee: $20.00 if interview conducted and service cancelled.
  • Please confirm fees at time of booking.


  • One cat fed twice daily $40.
  • One dog (walk and feed) plus one cat (feed) is $42 for once-daily visit.
  • One cat fed twice daily $40.
  • Two cats fed once daily $30.
  • Two cats fed twice daily $50.

* Casual walks are either ad-hoc requests or dogs we have scheduled to walk less than 5 days a week.

** Regulars are dogs that are scheduled to walk 5 days a week on an ongoing basis

Terms and Conditions

Dogs must be 4 months of age, fully vaccinated and registered with the appropriate municipal council. They must be compatible with other dogs, familiar with common commands and trustworthy off leash (for group walks).

We offer the following payment options:

Dog Walking

  • Casual walks paid for on a per walk basis.
  • Regulars pay weekly or are invoiced end of month.


Pet Sitting

  • 1st booking - 50% deposit at time of client interview, balance payable within 7 days of return home. A minimum of two visits.
  • Future bookings - entire amount payable within 7 days of return home.

Please note: cash, direct debit or cheques accepted for payment.